Fusion 3.64 PvE|200+ Plugins|Optimized|Custom Maps&NPCs

Fusion 3.64 PvE|200+ Plugins|Optimized|Custom Maps&NPCs
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The bans were all or mostly false ;)

Please join the discord in case anything catastrophic like this happens again in the future so you can stay informed on what’s happeneing.


Now for the rest of the server info

So you'll need a quick briefing before you join the server for the first time.

Number 1: This is a PvE server. You can't kill or be killed by another player. You cannot loot or be looted by another player. You cannot damage your base or another players. You can share your containers with another player by being a teammate, a friend(/fmenu) or a command(info under security in /ui).

Number 2: NPCs. There are more on here than most servers. There are also Scarecrows and hordes roaming the map year round.

Number 3: There are world events that can result in you having a bad day. There's no raiding player bases (unless abandoned) on this server. But to keep you on your toes I've thrown a few things into the mix to keep you busy. Meteor showers and Airstrikes. They are random and not targeted. But these can kill you and cause moderate to sever