Rusty Spoon PVE 5x[Events|Raids|Zombie|SkillTree|NPCs|PURGE]

Rusty Spoon PVE 5x[Events|Raids|Zombie|SkillTree|NPCs|PURGE]
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• 5x PVE Server
• Skill Tree to boost gather, loot, damage, etc. Even call in your own MLRS.
• Hand-built custom loot tables for every object in the game.
• Raidable Bases with over 150 bases ready to raid!!
• Replaced and added a ton of scientists to make roaming more exciting.
• Zombie Hordes and Custom spawning zombies.
• Roaming bosses scattered across the map, protecting their turf.
• Shop to buy and sell items for in-game currency.
• Virtual Quarries and Pumpjacks for all your afk farming needs.
• Skin your things with over 4100 skins available.
• Call in NPC's to raid your base!
• Harbor Event.
• Armored Train Event.
• Convoy Event.
• Sputnik Event
• Survival Arena PVP Event
• Always running custom maps further customized with buildable locations!