AQ Series | Chernobyl Map | Mutants | Skill Tree | Shop | Rewar

AQ Series | Chernobyl Map | Mutants | Skill Tree | Shop | Rewar
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Welcome to Another Quality Series Rust Server, Journey across Chernobyl while fighting off mutants. Featuring Railway system, Monument Puzzles and custom loot, NPC's and Zombie Base Raids, and more.

- 5x Gather | Clan Shareable Blueprints
- Skill Tree
- Combative Mutants and Roaming Bosses
- Defendable Base Event (Defend the Military's base by waves of zombies. You can upgrade the base with turrets, fortify it, and more. Just defend!)
- Other Custom Events like Plane Crash, and Fancy Drop (up to 30 crates), and other automated events
- Vehicle Licenses (Buy a license and purchase any vehicle in rust via commands using RP)
- Use RP to Buy Skins, or Sell Skins
- Ingame Shop
- Travel via Pogo Stick, Jetpacks, Choppers
- Rust Rewards (Earn RP for opening crates, killing mobs)
- Swipe Puzzle Cards at Monuments for Role Points
- Many Quality of Life plugins to make your gameplay smoother, accessible, and more enjoyable
- And so much more!

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