[EU] The Shire - PvE [NO kill/raid/steal]

[EU] The Shire - PvE [NO kill/raid/steal]
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This is a vanilla PvE server, but with a low TC upkeep cost.

Scroll down for more information.

* No PvP/killing.
* No raiding player bases.
* No stealing/looting, also not from decaying player bases.
* No traps or turrets outside your base.
* No SAM sites on your base.
* Only English in the global chat.
* Things to announce in the global chat:
- When doing or looting monuments and puzzles
- When hacking a locked crate at a monument
- When waiting for an airdrop, including where
- When throwing a supply signal, including where
- When killing Bradley at Launch Site
- When tagging the Patrol Helicopter
- When taking the Cargo Ship
- When doing the Oil Rigs
- When running the Giant Excavator, pumpjacks and quarries
- When using the Small Oil Refineries at monuments and safe zones
* Do not hoard cars. Maximum 1 car per player or 2 per team/group of friends.
* Do not hoard tugboats. Maximum 1 tugboat per team/group of friends.
* Full list of rules on Discord.

* Map wipes only when forced by Facepunch (every first Thursday of the month).
* Bluepr