[EU] RustEZ Pure PvE | No Decay | No Killing | No Raiding |

[EU] RustEZ Pure PvE | No Decay | No Killing | No Raiding |
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Status online
Players 9/200
Last Wipe 25 day(s) ago
Uptime 7 Days: 100%
30 Days: 100%
FPS 32  (average: 31.90)
Entities 414060
Country United Kingdom
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Pure is a well-balanced, high-performance vanilla server that offers players a pure experience so they can play the game as it's meant to be played without the fear of other players.

● Decay and upkeep disabled
● Player and building damage disabled
● Wipes only when forced [Last wipe: 2/1]
● Active admins and very helpful community
● Inactive players removed after 7 days of inactivity

● Commerce - Enjoy a rich player-driven economy.
● Vehicles - Cars, minicopters, boats and hot air balloons.
● Events - Organized or spontaneous events hosted by our admins for all players to enjoy.

Use /help in chat for a full list of commands and helpful information.

● No raiding, griefing or looting of any kind.
● No mic or chat spam, player disrespect, racism or harassment.
● No camping loot rooms, monuments or any highly concentrated areas.
● You may build in caves but you must ensure safe passage for players.
● No blocking waterways, building around monuments or large areas of land.