[PVE] Land of the Blind - 2x, Skill Tree, Quests, QOL Mods

[PVE] Land of the Blind - 2x, Skill Tree, Quests, QOL Mods
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Welcome to the Land of the Blind!2X scrap and curated loot tables for less trash. Monuments have guards and high tier monuments have high health bosses. Hordes of zombies roam the map, making even mundane farming runs an adventure. Custom raidable bases spawn across the map. PVP zones rotate daily among the different monuments, so you can go looking for PVP action or avoid it.Other mods: Backpacks, Quests, Faster Cooking/Smelting, Faster recyclers, Quick Sort for containers, Clans, Auto Authorization, Personal Minicopter, Player Rewards, Player Ranks, Remover Tool, Security Lights, and more!Core rules:- NO CHEATING/SCRIPTING- NO RACISM, SEXISM, OR HARASSMENT- NO RAIDING PLAYERS UNTIL PURGE