[PvE] Relic | No Killing | No Raiding | No Decay | Noob Friendl

[PvE] Relic | No Killing | No Raiding | No Decay | Noob Friendl
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Relic is a place to embrace your sense of adventure, build lasting friendships, and express your creativity. Come join us; our community is missing you!

- Decay and upkeep have been disabled
- Player and base damage have been disabled
- Players inactive for 7 days are removed

- A leveling system (/xp) and playtime ranks (/ranks) with perks that scale with your level and integrate with our custom questing system (pumpjacks/quarries, jetpacks & more).
- Achieve firepower superiority with our modded weapons.
- The City of Arbington is a large custom-built town to purchase items with scrap (test generators, simple lights, quarries, RP items, attire, and more).
- Raidable bases (also known as hostile darkzones) are NPC bases you can raid with plenty of variety and challenges.
- Unique experiences with our custom AI and bi-weekly boss events that require a server-wide effort to defeat.