Actual New Zealand 8K[Yearly/No Decay]

Actual New Zealand 8K[Yearly/No Decay]
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Status online
Players 7/100
Last Wipe 9 day(s) ago
Uptime 7 Days: 100%
30 Days: 100%
Country New Zealand
Types OcModded
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Welcome to Actual New Zealand 8K, Running a map of New zealand landmass at 8000 Size.
- Hosted In New Zealand
- Last Wipe 1\01\23 (Map Wipe)
- 1\01\24 (Map Wipe)
- Map Size: 8000
- Discord:

Modded Status:
- 2x-10x Gather
- 3x Smelting
- Fastnights
- No Decay
- Shop, Skins, Kits
- Homes & Tps
- Spawn Minicopters/Scrap Heli and others.

Use chat command /info to see all commands.

#1 Extreme toxicness or Blatant Racism in global chat or PMs will result in a mute or ban depending on severity.
#2 Do not spam or advertise in global chat or PMs. This will result in a 24 hour mute
#3 Hacking, scripting or exploiting on our server will result in a Permanently ban depending on the severity. If you encounter a glitch report it immediately.
#4 Releasing of personal information (Includes images set as display picture on Steam & Discord) of other players (doxxing) regardless of where you obtained this information. Depending on severity of what is released this can result in being permanently banned. If you are lucky enough to not receive