PvE Funky Hills [Action&Roleplay] [EU] | Raidbases | NPC | Brad

PvE Funky Hills [Action&Roleplay] [EU] | Raidbases | NPC | Brad
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★Welcome to Funky Hills, a server designed and balanced for creative pve players who like to grind, play long wipes and to have some challenge.

★We have loads of events and npc to not bore you to death, and builders/roleplayers can enjoy a wide variety of handpicked roleplay skins to make the build of their dreams.

★We have all items that are normally behind paywall or exclusive to admins, that can be crafted yourself or bought in town.

★We have loads of plugins balanced to these purposes while also trying to stay true to rust and rust-mechanics.

★Above all there is a sprinkle of funkiness added to most plugins to stand out and be unique from other servers. Below you can read about most of our features and plugins,

✓Vanilla gather/loot
✓No decay or upkeep
✓Roleplay skins
✓Increased stacksizes
✓Airfield event
✓Planecrash event
✓Additional Bradley
✓Guarded crate
✓Dangerous treasures
✓Monument NPC
✓All terrain snowmobiles
✓Extended workbench
✓Roleplay shops
✓Skipnight vote