[US] The Plaguelands PvP (No Raiding) | ZOMBIES | MONTHLY

[US] The Plaguelands PvP (No Raiding) | ZOMBIES | MONTHLY
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Players 3/100
Website https://theplaguelands.com
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Country United States
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The Plaguelands are a dangerous place. Bloodthirsty survivors, dangerous scientists, and ZOMBIES! Will you establish a safehold, or will you feed the apocalypse of the Southland, becoming one with the hordes? Dangerous Treasures, Raidable NPC Bases, Admin & Static Events, and so much more. Why haven't you clicked JOIN SERVER yet!?

-Hard Wipes once a month
-Soft Wipes every 2 Weeks (map only)
-Build Bases on Top of the Water!
- Personal Recyclers, Slot Machines
- Automatic Search Light with Tracking
- Wood Doesn't Decay
- zLevels & Reward Points
- Paid Addons and Custom Scripts