US Helix 2x Monthly Main | No BP wipes | Noob Friendly | x2

US Helix 2x Monthly Main | No BP wipes | Noob Friendly | x2
Premium No (see benefits)
Rank #276  (points: 624)
Votes (all-time: 0)
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Status online
Players 13/200
Last Wipe 25 day(s) ago
Uptime 7 Days: 100%
30 Days: 100%
Country United States
Types MonthlyNaModded
Last Check 55 second(s) ago

Helix Rust - perfectly modded rust servers
Monthly map wipes on Forced wipes (first Thursday of each month at 2pm EST)
Blueprints don't wipe
Join our discord at
Purchase ranks at
Free skinbox for everyone - skin any item with any skin using /skinbox
2x gather rates on everything
2x craft times, recycler & smelting speed
2x stack sizes
Some minicopters spawn on the roads
Drone marketplaces at Fishing Villages & Ranches
Bandit Camp merged with outpost
TC and turrets are automatically auth shared with teammates
Increased shoreside boat spawns
Recyclers at Dome, Oilrigs, Cargo, Ranches & Fishing Villages
Nights are 5 minutes long
No fog or rain
Food doesn't burn
Max 12 Team UI size
Rules: (in-game /rules for more)
No cheating/exploiting.
No Rust game banned alts in the last 180 days
No more than 1 Rust game banned alt
No VAC bans that are less than 15 days old
Playing with cheaters/evaders will result in a ban
No more than 2 steam bans (vac/game bans combined)
No limited and no not setup steam accounts