RGS Vanilla Quad - Monthly | No BP Wipe | 2x nodes | Ez Mini's

RGS Vanilla Quad - Monthly | No BP Wipe | 2x nodes | Ez Mini's
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Players 38/150
Last Wipe 23 day(s) ago
Uptime 7 Days: 100%
30 Days: 100%
FPS 30  (average: 30.00)
Entities 222456
Country United States
Types MonthlyVanilla
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R.G.S.. | The Best Vanilla Experience

High Performance Dedicated Server's, so you can frag out without lag!

Server Features
1) 1/4 Upkeep, so you can build bigger :wink:
2) 2X the amount of Nodes, Tree's, Animals, Hemp and Berry Spawns in the map
3) Mini copters spawn on the roads (Like OG Vanilla)
4) 2X Plant Growth Times for all you Plant Farmers :)~
5) Bags only need to be 10 meters apart for separate bag timers (Instead of 50 Meters)
6) More wolves, bears and Boars for easy animal fat and leather... Zero Chickens n Deers
7) 8 minute Hackable Locked Crate Timer vs the standard 15 minute Timer...

We know your gonna love our Rust Servers. They have all been built and designed
to fill voids in the Rust Community. At RGS, were committed to serving the Rust
Community in creative and fun way's. Join the RGS Discord > https://discord.gg/rgsofficial
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