[NL][EU] Rust Unlimited

[NL][EU] Rust Unlimited
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Welcome to Unlimited
A Noob Friendly server

1. No Racism, no toxic behaviour. Try and be friendly

2. Max 4 players per team
2.1 You can agree with other teams not to shoot eachother
2.2 You cannot raid or engage in a PVP with a group of more then 4

3. Raiding is allowed, but:
3.1 No Griefing (blocking the TC, sealing the base)
3.2 No base takeovers,raid take what you need and leave

4. PVP is encouraged
4.1 This doesn't mean that you have to shoot everyone you see
4.2 If you go to a monument, airdrop, lockedcrate expect PVP
4.3 No door camping, especially early in the wipe
4.4 No roof camping (shooting from your roof to defend your base is ok though)

This is not a hardcore survival server.

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