Rust Beginner - PVE

Rust Beginner - PVE
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Rank #2227  (points: 30)
Votes (all-time: 0)
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Status online
Players 1/100
Last Wipe 3 month(s) ago
Uptime 7 Days: 100%
30 Days: 100%
FPS 57  (average: 57.35)
Entities 286353
Country United States
Types PveMonthlyRoleplayNaModded
Last Check 34 second(s) ago

Remote Controlled Update!
Next wipe -4.6.2023-
-No hacking, cheating, or abuse of exploits.
-No racism, griefing, or trolling.
-Turrets must be on peacekeeper until purge.
-Derogatory statements toward ANY player-
WILL not be tollerated on the server.
-Nazi stuff/racism is insta ban!
(Rule violators may be removed from the server for upto 24hrs or longer!)

[Server Information]
+No Rads.
+No Decay.
+Remover Tool.
+Dangerous Treasures.
+NPC Vendors.
+Town, Fort, outpost, and bandit
+Monthly Wipe
+BP wipe (Available at ShopKeeper)
+Purge 24hrs BEFORE forced wipe. Friendly Staff.
+Night Zombies
+Family friendly server.
Click on 'View Webpage to join our Discord!
(Important: Be sure to lock your base, TC, and Boxes before you log out.
Also be sure to upgrade your base to at least wood or stone.
-Thank you!