[EU|US]Markiii-Rust PVE Biweekly-RaidableBases|SkillTree|Custom

[EU|US]Markiii-Rust PVE Biweekly-RaidableBases|SkillTree|Custom
Premium No (see benefits)
Rank #352  (points: 515)
Votes 414  (all-time: 4960)
Owner Markiii
Status online
Players 5/85
Last Wipe 11 day(s) ago
Uptime 7 Days: 100%
30 Days: 99%
FPS 23  (average: 22.37)
Entities 103439
Country United Kingdom
Types PveBiweeklyRoleplayModded
Last Check 1 minute(s) ago

Events every Saturday 18:30 on our Events server! See Discord.
High performance dedicated server with 10tb Uplink.

✓Challenging AI!
✓Largest set of RaidableBase models around!
✓Free VIP benefits with playtime!
✓Premium & Custom Events!
✓Level Up as you play with SkillTree!
✓Custom Drugs with Mixing Table
✓Upgrade your items and complete sets for various tasks - including PVP damage!
✓Custom shop with unique items!
✓Custom Loot table!
✓Active and Supportive Staff!
✓Regular Updates!
✓Community Engagement!
✓Balanced Environment!
✓Rewards and Recognition!
✓Player Feedback!

Join our growing community where fun, competitiveness, and quality experiences are our top priorities. Join us today: http://discord.gg/MarkiiiRust