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Project Lazarus Life

Players will be required to make a living through various means. This includes legal and illegal ways.
Players will then be able to use this income to purchase one of many player properties (houses, apartments, warehouses, player stores etc) to store their gear. Players can then use their income to purchase gear/items from NPCs or players. Players will be able to raid each other’s properties etc.
Every aspect of this gamemode is custom and is loaded with heaps of progression. As there are so many things to cover I'm going to write all this down in dot pot form:

✦ Job System: Players will be able to choose an occupation from a selection of 6 (miner, lumber jack, police officer/medic, taxi driver, delivery driver and underwater driver). Each occupation has its own progression line.
✦ Faction System: Players will be able to select from two factions which as they progress through the ranks will provide them with a variety of buffs.
✦ Quest System: Players will be able to complete various quests to earn skills points. Most of these quests will be integrate