The Rusty Krab|PVE|Raidable Bases|2x|PvPArena|NoDecay|NPCs|Boss

The Rusty Krab|PVE|Raidable Bases|2x|PvPArena|NoDecay|NPCs|Boss
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The Rusty Krab - PVE Raidable Base Server Hosting the Custom Map BattleFront By Gruber.

-Server Wipes First Thursday of Every Month. Along with Player Backpacks/Blue Prints/XP/RP.-

-PvP With Our Survival Arena That Runs Every 30 Mins!.-

-Main Mods: PVE Mode, 2x Gather Rate, Raidable NPC Bases, Buyable Private Raids, NPC Bosses, SurvivalArena, No Decay, Modified Loot Table, Skins, Vehicle License, Shop, Clans, Kits, Removing Tool, Quick Smelt, Fast Craft, Furnace Splitter, Sign Artist, and Increased Stack Sizes.-

-No Walling off Monuments.-
-Dont Be Racist.-
-Player Bases Become Raidable After 10 Days of Inactivity.-
-Come And Join Our Discord at
-Ask About Supporting The Server.-