MXAs Tier 1 Only-Solo/Duo|US|Vanilla|FindTier2&3|Prim-ish

MXAs Tier 1 Only-Solo/Duo|US|Vanilla|FindTier2&3|Prim-ish
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Enjoyer of Early Game Scuffles and the Dynamic Fights they Provide? Help Us Build a Tier 1 Community and Slay. Need Dedicated Homies Who are interested in Finding Bugs *ribbit*, offering ideas and having a good 'ol time.

Grub Life
Tier 1 Only
Frogs Allowed
Build Stone Tier Only
No Tech Tree
Nerfed Loot
Find Higher Tier Loot and Weapons at Events and Monuments
Solo/Duo Only
Bi-Weekly Thursday BP and Map Wipes

Plugins Include:
-GridPower (Hookup to Power Lines for Free Power)
-others not worth mentioning at this time