Table Mountain Rust OG

Table Mountain Rust OG
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This server has kits, backpacks, NPCs and a few other things. Resource gather rates are about 5x, stack sizes are 25x.
Currently it's quite low-pop, so feel free to come and explore.

Some basic rules:
1) Don't be a jerk.
2) No blasphemy, profanity, etc.
3) No racial slurs or the like.
4) Don't run around naked. If necessary, there can be kits to give free clothing.
5) Do not fence off monuments such as the Mining Quarries. They are for everyone, not just you.
6) Do not put auto-turrets on bases near the spawning beaches. It's not fair to new players.
7) Have fun, and don't spoil other players' fun.

Wipe is once a month.
Discord channel: