ScrambleZAR 2x PVE RPG Raidable Bases NPC Raiders Deathmatch

ScrambleZAR 2x PVE RPG Raidable Bases NPC Raiders Deathmatch
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Join our PVE RPG Rust server for the ultimate experience you've been seeking!
With a 2x server rate and RPG elements, we've enhanced the progression system to offer a deep RPG adventure
Level up your harvesting and gather skills to maximize your loot and resources
Explore a variety of added mods that enhance your gameplay and add excitement to your Rust sessions
Visit the Scrap Store to collect and spend your hard-earned scrap, or test your skills against fun and challenging raidable bases. You even have the option to purchase your own raidable base with scrap
If base building is your forte, prepare for NPC Raiders who will launch attacks on your structures
Engage in adrenaline-pumping deathmatch arenas where you can compete against friends and other players
Gear is provided, so leave your worries behind
Be cautious as danger lurks at every point of interest, with NPCs ready to take you down
Our server boasts an active and welcoming community, always thrilled to welcome new players into the fold. Enjoy a bi-weekly wipe schedule and occasional forced wipes \