TEA Base Raid [Max 4|Wipe 23/03|Loot+|Raidable Bases|NPC Raider

TEA Base Raid [Max 4|Wipe 23/03|Loot+|Raidable Bases|NPC Raider
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Status online
Players 1/420
Last Wipe 5 month(s) ago
Uptime 7 Days: 100%
30 Days: 100%
Country United Kingdom
Types WeeklyMinigameModded
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Welcome To TEA |Max Team Size 4|PVP Server!
Last Wipe 23/03
Play Fair! Join Our Discord https://discord.gg/teabag
Raidable Bases Premium 5 Tier Easy|Medium|Hard|Expert|Nightmare 150+ Designs to Raid
Get your kits type: /kit
Building grades type: /up /down e.g /up 2 for stone
Remove your build mistakes type: /remove
Spawn your mini type: /mymini or /fmini
Vote for night skip type: /voteday
Vote to remove fog type: /nofog
Change skins while holding/looking at an Item type: /reskin
Auto add team/friends to all auth lists type: /autoauthui
Raid Protection via tc ui or type: /protection
Friends list type: /friend add or remove or list
NPC Raiders *Defend an online NPC Raid for your TC* type: /raidme
Spawn your Snowmobile type: /mysnow or /fsnow
Many Other Automated Events
Raidable Bases
NPC Raiders
Cobalt Labs
Gather Rate ~3x
Map Wipes Each Week, BPs Once A Month, Feedback via Discord
MyMini, Loot+, Events+, Kits, Stacksize+, Smelting+, Crafting+, Splitter, Remove, Reskin, - QOL Improvements.
Chat Commands: /kit /up /down /mymini /mysnow /remove /nofog /voteday /reskin /friend /autoauthui /protection /raidme