|US| Paradise Island |PvP|zLevels|Zombies|TP|

|US| Paradise Island |PvP|zLevels|Zombies|TP|
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ComeCome Check Our Our PVP Server.
-- Fully Enabled PVP and Raiding
-- Custom AI At All Monuments, And The Zombie King and Queen!
-- Gathering Levels For Incremental Gathering
-- Increased Stacks
-- Quests For Server Rewards
-- Active Admins To Resolve Issues

The Server Has Been Optimized With Numerous Plugins
- Set Homes and Teleports
- Backpacks and Banks
- Friends List And Clans
- Server Rewards With A Store To Redeem Points and License's
- Recyclers
- Quarrys With Quarry Locks
- Fishing, Enhanced Hammer, Skinbox And Much More!

Our Rules Are Set To Provide A Fun Environment
- Absolutely No Racism, Sexism, Trolling, Player/Staff Disrespect, Or Hate Speech
- Voice Or Chat Spamming Will Result in Mutes
- Scripts, Cheats, Use Of Exploits, Or Bots Will Result In A Perm Ban
- Griefing Other Players Is Prohibited
- A Full List Of Rules For Paradise Island Can Be Found Inside.

Server Is US East Based EST. GMT -5
Questions, Comments, Concerns? Message Us On Discord!

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