Lazy Detectives Club [x2] [Cobalt Island] [EU]

Lazy Detectives Club [x2] [Cobalt Island] [EU]
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Players 1/100
Last Wipe 11 day(s) ago
Uptime 7 Days: 100%
30 Days: 100%
FPS 178  (average: 187.8)
Entities 32782
Country Sweden
Types EuMonthlyModded
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Welcome to our Rust game server!
Here are some features we offer:

- Monthly forced wipes to keep gameplay fair and exciting.
- Quality of life mods to enhance your experience.
- x2 resource gathering and looting for faster progress.
- Encouragement of community building, inter-clan relationships,
and alliances for cooperative gameplay.
- No max player limit for clans, allowing players to join forces and dominate the game.
- Active moderation with multi anti-cheat system to ensure fair play.
- Cobalt Island map to provide a unique and thrilling Rust experience.

Join our Discord community at
to stay up to date and connect with other players.

Thank you for considering our Rust game server. We hope to see you soon!