[US] Rust Legends | 50x | PVP | Kits | Events

[US] Rust Legends | 50x | PVP | Kits | Events
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Rust Legends where legends are born! Here we strive to give players a great experience whether if they are new or veterans. This server is modded for players to have a well balanced and fair time while playing. General rules are Don't be a dick and respect others. Please keep in mind that this server is new and is undergoing development and is subject to change

Plugins (55): Rust:IO for Oxide, AFDrops, Airstrike, Anti Ladder and Twig, Anti Offline Raid, ArmoredTrain, Automatic Authorization, Auto Turret Authorization, Backpacks, Better Chat, BGrade, Biplane, Blood Trail, Building Grades, CargoTrainEvent, Car Lock UI, Car Radio, Chute, Clans, Crafting Controller, Economics, Enhanced Hammer, Gather Manager, GridPower, Item Skin Randomizer, Kits, Loot Multiplier, Magic Loot, Mini-Copter Options, Mushroom Effects, Night Lantern, No Escape, NpcSpawn, NTeleportation, Parachute, Playtime Tracker, PowerlessNeon, PrivateMessages, Quick Smelt, Raidable Bases, Remover Tool, RustRewards, SAMSiteAuth, Scrap Heli Storage, Shop, Sign Artist, Simple Kill Feed, SkinBox, Stack Size Controller, Team Fix, Vehicle Deployed Locks, Vehicle Licence, WaterEvent, XPanelPlus, Zone Manager