[PVEP] 10x Dark Dozen [100x] [1000x][Wolf Ranger Nation]

[PVEP] 10x Dark Dozen [100x] [1000x][Wolf Ranger Nation]
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Website https://discord.com/invite/VXpMXXH
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30 Days: 97%
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Country United States
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Wolf Ranger Nation
Active Fair-Playing Admins!
Discord: Discord.gg/VXpMXXH
Please Behave in a mature manner.
Trolls, Asshats, and Toxic players are Not welcome and will be BANNED.

Server Rules:
1.) No Hacking, glitching, or exploiting.
2.) Respect Staff.
3.) English only in global chat.
4.) No Slurs, racism, hate speech or toxicity.
5.) No doxing.
6.) Do not call out Hackers in Global Chat, report them with F7 Report and Discord.
7.) No Griefing players bases.
If you Like our Server and What we do, please Reach out to WolfRanger.