Gamers R Us 10x PVE|Events|Instant|Mini|Sputnik|TP|BiWeekly

Gamers R Us 10x PVE|Events|Instant|Mini|Sputnik|TP|BiWeekly
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Welcome to the GamersRUs 10X PVE Server, where we provide the ultimate player versus environment experience. Our server features a meticulously balanced loot system for PVE and a vast number of events to keep you entertained. Our servers are equipped with dedicated hardware to ensure optimal gaming performance, resulting in a smooth and lag-free experience for our players. Additionally, there are no team limits, allowing you to create and join teams of any size.

* This Server Just Wiped 5th October 2023

* Instant Craft, Mixing & Research
* Timed Ranking and Exclusive Kits
* Personal Vehicles
* Quick Ore Smelting & Night Time
* Call Attack Helicopter
* Home Teleportation System
* Auto Traps & Team Authorization
* Building Grades & Base Repair
* Backpacks for extra storage
* Remover Tool & Quick Recycling
* Large Stack Size & Map
* Server Shop & Personal Mining Quarries
* Healthy Weapons, 20x NightTime gather
* Mining, Crafting, Cutting & Harvesting levels
* Recyclers at monuments
* Personal Messages and Trade
* Grid Power Lines & Guarded Events

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