[AU/NZ] Downy Rust 3x | Actual One Grid | Solo/Duo

[AU/NZ] Downy Rust 3x | Actual One Grid | Solo/Duo
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Status online
Players 0/25
Website https://downyrust.net
Last Wipe 16 day(s) ago
Uptime 7 Days: 100%
30 Days: 100%
FPS 10  (average: 10.00)
Entities 10411
Country Australia
Types BiweeklyBattlefieldOcModded
Last Check 52 second(s) ago

Welcome To [AU/NZ] Downy 3x | Actual One Grid | Solo/Duo | Custom Map
Wipe Dates: Tuesdays & Fridays @ 4:00pm (AEST)
Force Wipe: Monthly Every 1st Friday 5:00am (AEST)

»Team Limit Duo (2 Players Max)
»No Playing Admins
»Active Admins
»Website: downyrust.net
»Store: downyrust.tebex.io
»Account Linking: link.downyrust.net
»Discord: discord.gg/downy

Server Features:
»50% Offline Raid Protection
»3x Gather / Craft / Smelt & Recycler Speed
»Half TC Upkeep Cost & Normal Decay
»No Sun Glare / Radiation & Cold
»Fast Night & Bright Night
»Tier 1 BPS Unlocked
»Stack Sizes Modified
»Alpha Loot & Faster AirDrops
»Kits & Auto Kits

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