The Community | Custom Map + Monuments + Plugins

The Community | Custom Map + Monuments + Plugins
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The Community is a PvE server with PvP at a handful of Large Monuments. The vast majority of the map is PvE. PvP raiding is disabled but there are raidable NPC Bases ranging from Easy to Nightmare Difficulty. Players keep their Belt, Inventory, and Backpack when they die so the risks of PvP are minimal. Players are unable to loot or harm other players, their structures, or access their items that have not been /shared. The Aim is to create an environment that preserves the exciting aspects of Rust while mitigating, if not completely removing, much of the grief that is associated with it.

We use a myriad of plugins that control what players can and can't do, as well as add a variety of content to the game such as:

A hand-made Custom Map with some of the highest rated prefabs and monuments from Codefling. Quality Crafting, WaterBases, Multi-Page Backpacks, BetterNPC, Dropship, Defendable Homes, Raidable Bases, Jet Skis, SkinBox+EasySkin, Sign Artist, Vehicle License, Deployable Nature, BGrade, AutoDoors, Eternal Plant, MasterLock, MiniPlate, NightLantern, NTeleportation, Quick So