[US] 10x Ultimate Rust World No BP |Custom Loot |Translator Bot

[US] 10x Ultimate Rust World No BP |Custom Loot |Translator Bot
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Players 2/100
Website https://ultimaterust.tebex.io/
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30 Days: 100%
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Country Canada
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Ultimate Rust Server 10x
This server gives players the ability to get the full rust experience and then some. We have a real time translator bot so you can communicate with others who speak a different language. Here are some great features you can expect to find:

- 10x Gather Rate
- Custom Loot Tables
- Kits
- No Workbenches
- Spawn vehicles (including mini)
- Teleport
- Raidable Bases
- Vaults
- Quick Smelt
- BGrade
- Clans
- Larger Stack Sizes
- Bank Balance wipes one time a year (January Force Wipe)