Hillside Exiles|2x|Shared BP|Water Build|Zombies|Noob Friendly|

Hillside Exiles|2x|Shared BP|Water Build|Zombies|Noob Friendly|
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Status online
Players 3/75
Last Wipe 25 day(s) ago
Uptime 7 Days: 100%
30 Days: 100%
FPS 182  (average: 183.8)
Entities 208760
Country United States
Types NaMonthlySoftcorePvpModded
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Are you ready to be an exile? Join and dominate the hillside!
Follows global forced wipe schedule. BP wipes monthly. 2x gather 1x loot 3x scrap
Raid resistance for 48 hours (bases always raidable, takes more boom)
Mods: Clans, Backpacks, Skin Box, Water Building, Zombies, BP Share, Big Stacks, Raidable Bases, Harder Bradley, Convoy, Train Heist, Achievements/Ranks, RP Shop, Clan Sharing, Corpse TP, homes, VoiceUI, Auto Doors/Code, easy box sorting, Farm Tools, Eternal Plants, Skip Night, AI Drones, /up, /remove, /sil, /dance, and more!
No damage from crashing minicopters. Learn to pilot easily!
Last Wipe: 2 March 2023
Discord: https://discord.gg/KhVy7dp7mf / http://discord.hillside.gg/
Rules: No toxcicity or racism.
-Racism, hate speech, homophobic slurs or extreme toxicity will NOT be tolerated.
-You will be muted, temporarily banned, or permanently banned at the discretion of the administrator or moderator.
-No toxic/racist/suggestive/explicit signs.

Hillside Exiles|2x|Shared BP|Water Build|Zombies|Noob Friendly|Raid Prot|Events