PVE Land |Better NPC|NPC Raidable Bases|LOTS OF EVENTS

PVE Land |Better NPC|NPC Raidable Bases|LOTS OF EVENTS
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Players 25/70
Website https://rustedmaster.eu
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30 Days: 100%
FPS 15  (average: 20.00)
Entities 224944
Country Germany
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True PVE + Better NPC
NPC Raidable Bases (PVE/PVP zones)
Abandoned bases for raiding
Monthly BP WIPE with saving XP and Skills
Monthly XP WIPE with saving BPs
BiWeekly MAP wipe
SkillTree + ItemPerks
Pocket Dimensions!!! (From TARDIS with love)
Deployable Nature, Crafteble custom portals
Bus stops = teleport network!
EVENTS: Sputnik, Convoy, Harbor, Armored Train, AirEvent, WaterEvent,
SatDish Event, Power Plant Event, Junk Yard Event,
!!!Space Station Event!!!
!!!Arctic Base Event!!!
Water bases + water bikes.
Duels + Safe Survival Arena (Hunger games)
Referral rewards
PlayTime rewards
Thief Protection
Working guntraps
Locks for transport*
* Authentication via Discord required
No one can loot your body
Bullying newbies is prohibited! BAN!
Don't be toxic and do not steal from occupied monument - BAN!
Join Discord to see all avilable server commands!