EU Crucial 2x - Solo/Duo | No BP Wipes | Noob Friendly

EU Crucial 2x - Solo/Duo | No BP Wipes | Noob Friendly
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Welcome to Crucial Rust 2x Duo

Need support or want to engage with our community? Go to

Server wipe schedule:
This server wipes every 4 days at 2PM CET. This server will also wipe on force wipe (the forced update that Facepunch does on the first Thursday @ 2PM ET of every month).

Server feature list:
- 2 player team limit
- 2x gather rate (includes pickups & excavator)
- Highly active admin team
- All tier 1 BPs and construction BPs (apart from HQM doors) unlocked by default
- Heavily improved loot tables (junk removed & 2x)
- Clans & Automatic TC/Codelock sharing
- PVP Leaderboards
- Heavily optimised maps for increased performance (merged outpost/bandit & no swamps)
- Amazing server performance (12900k OC'd hardware)

Some of our server rules include:
- No cheating or associating with cheaters
- No racism/homophobic chat/VC
- No exploit abuse
- No chat spam/excessive caps use
- See for a full breakdown of our rules

We hope you enjoy your stay on Crucial Rust servers!