Bold Rust | Solo/Duo/Trio | Newbie/Noob Friendly | JUST WIPED

Bold Rust | Solo/Duo/Trio | Newbie/Noob Friendly | JUST WIPED
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Bold Rust | Solo/Duo/Trio | Newbie/Noob Friendly

High Performance Server, No lag with 24/7 Active Admins who do not play.

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Biweekly BP WIpes


1. No racism, bigotry or Toxicity. Try and be friendly.

2.This server is a trio max server

2.1 - NO Roaming with a player outside your team.
2.2 - NO roaming, raiding or engaging in any PVP with 3+
2.3 - NO swapping team mates with other groups
2.4 - NO supplying explosives, mats or guns to another team
2.5 - NO giving away your base to another player or team
2.6 - You can agree with other teams not to shoot each other

3. Raiding is allowed, but:
3.1 - Don't raid newbie starter bases, select bases that offer a challenge
3.2 - No Griefing (blocking TC, sealing the base)
3.3 - No base takeovers. Raid, take what you need then leave. You can break and Replace TC (if you want) just don't lock it.
3.4 - Don't take EVERYTHING - leave players with enough to pick up and continue playing
3.5 - No raiding within the first