№[4] D2S WarZone PvE 1000 Zombies Raidable Bases

№[4] D2S WarZone PvE 1000 Zombies Raidable Bases
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Status online
Players 4/200
Last Wipe 29 day(s) ago
Uptime 7 Days: 100%
30 Days: 100%
FPS 25  (average: 24.28)
Entities 705311
Country United States
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Dare2Survive WarZone PvE

+Monthly Wipe Pve Server

+This Is A Extreme PvE Server With High Difficulty AI bots Guarding Monuments, And Roaming The Map In Teams
+Military Themed Bosses At Monuments
+Bradley APC's Patrol Monuments
+Alpha And Omega Animals Roam Freely
+XPerience System: Earn XP points And Upgrade Your Abilities In 5 Stat And 10 Skill Categories
+Never Lose Your Gear With REVIVE
+Upgradeable Virtual Quarries
+Grid Power-Tap Into The Rust Electrical Grid To Power Your base
+Custom Crafting Menu And Server Shop
+Full Backpack, NTeleportation, Vehicle Licence, Chest Stacks, Rust rewards, Quick Sort, AutoFarms, BuildingGrades, and Many More Quality Of Life Plug In's
+Airfield Event, Armored Train, Bradley Guards, Convoy, Harbor Event, Junkyard Event, Paratroopers, Pilot Eject, Plane Crash, Raidable Bases, RustTanic, Sputnik, Water Event, Water Patrol
+Personal Events Like Personal Attack Heli, Multi Tier Attack Helis, And Paratroopers