- US Chill Duo | Bi-Weekly | NOOB Friendly | Solo Duo - US Chill Duo | Bi-Weekly | NOOB Friendly | Solo Duo
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30 Days: 99%
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Country United States
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Share - Chill Zone Rust - Solo Duo Server
(The last wipe was on Friday 17/3)
-Biweekly map wipe, monthly BPs. BPs sync between our servers! Search for CZR!
-Please be kind to fresh beach spawns.
-Enforced teams limit of 2 per base, raiding, roaming, farming. No allies. Friendly trades or non KoS is fine.
-No cheating, racism, sexism, or excessive toxicity. Active admins and Anticheat.
-We check all reports. Use /report username reason in chat, or visit our discord.
-Join our community and discord with View Webpage,, or use