[EU] ZeroGamerZ PvE/PvP x3|StartKit|ZLevels|Backpack|Loot+|Even

[EU] ZeroGamerZ PvE/PvP x3|StartKit|ZLevels|Backpack|Loot+|Even
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➤Server Rules:⤵

☞NO Racism
☞NO Chat/Mic spam
☞NO Cheats/Scripts/Bots
☞DONT act like a d!ck

➤Server Feutures⤵

[3x] Gather Rates
[3x] Components and Scrap

StarterKit - Auto starterkit
Backpack - Backpack to increase your inventory
Clans - Create your own clan
PvP Zones - Some events are with PvP zones[Bradley|Cargoship|ExcavatorIgnition]
VoteSkipNight - Vote to skip the night
Increased StackSize - Bigger Stacksize
Instant Craft - Instant craft?
SleeperAnimalProtection - Protecting player from animals if sleeping
Levels - Leveling System
Removes Tool - Remover tool if you made a mistake with building
GuardedCreats - Guarded crate events