Revolution Gaming | 10x | Better & High Loot

Revolution Gaming | 10x | Better & High Loot
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Welcome to Revoultion Rust 10x High Loot PvP!

This server provides players who cannot play rust for long a chance to build a base quick, ability to raid & pvp without grinding for hours.

Clans Are Welcomed!

- Map size 4250
- Sign Artist
- Skin Box
- Automated Events (more frequent events like heli, airdrops etc)
- Kits
- Faster Furnance Smelting
- Vote to skip night time
- Better Loot & Higher Loot (Explosives in locked crates, mil crates, guns more common)
- Access workbench throughout your base
- Clans
- Stack Size Increased

If you have any suggestions or what you'd like to see on the server, please feel free to message us in the discord server.