[US] Dubs 1MILX BATTLEFIELD|Loadout|JetPack|Strikes|Events|JUST

[US] Dubs 1MILX BATTLEFIELD|Loadout|JetPack|Strikes|Events|JUST
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Welcome to Dubs 1000000x Battlefield. A Battlefield Created for high FPS Rust PVP.

We offer fast paced gaming on top of the line hardware.

➤ 4000+ FREE skinbox skins
➤ Always day / custom atmosphere for clarity.
➤ Custom Kits
➤ Resources to spawn with
➤ Custom in game shop for ALL your needs.
➤ RP system with high PvP kill rewards.
➤ No BPs, no workbenches.
➤ Reduced Rocket PvP.
➤ Lots of Boom to raid your foes.
➤ Ease of life plugins added for overall pleasure.
➤ Custom and maintained FPS improvements weekly. Custom maps with combined outpost.
➤ 24/7 Admin support team.

Map Size: 3750
Max group size: 8
No Alliances.

Map Wipe: Tuesdayss, Thursdays, Saturdays 3 P.M EST
Check out ALL our perks on our webstore.
There are TONS of perks for supporting Dubs Rust Servers.