10x PVE | NPC Raid Bases | Heli | Bradley | B 10x PVE | NPC Raid Bases | Heli | Bradley | B
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Rust-A-Holics PVE provides a unique twist to the world we know as Rust by allowing players to build floating bases. Enjoy a relaxed and creative experience through a collection of over 150 plugins to help unleash your inner architect.

Plugins Include:
- Kits
- Homes/TPR/MapTP
- Control Your Time and Environment using /env
- Remove, BGrade & /up
-XPStats, Quests & Player Challenges
- Clans & Friends
- Economy/Shop
- Cooking & RPG Levels
- Skinbox, Recycle, Virtual Quarries & More!

You can also purchase your own vehicles, patrol helicopter battles with varying difficulties, Raidable NPC Bases, and Bradley APCs to kill at your own base!

Wipe Schedule: 1st & 3rd Thursday of Each Month
Map Size: 6000