[US]|PVE/PVP||HELL NATION|1000000000X|No stability|

[US]|PVE/PVP||HELL NATION|1000000000X|No stability|
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Status online
Players 3/100
Last Wipe 4 day(s) ago
Uptime 7 Days: 100%
30 Days: 100%
Country United States
Types WeeklyBattlefieldModded
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-------------->HELL NATIONS US BILLION X SERVER<--------------
Welcome to our heavily modded server in the modded section
We have over 200 Plugins for the best PVP/PVE and Base building experience!
We run Custom Maps only for a different Rust experience
High Performance server for a smoother Rust experience
Wipes every Friday, Unless a Issue occurs Last wipe was on 24/03
-------------->IN-GAME SERVER INFO<--------------
Kits,clans,VIP,BackPacks,shops,Playtime Ranks,Etc
Map is splited in 2 halfs Uper maps is PVE and Lower map is PVP
Custom events so there is always something to do
Custom mini that needs no fuel and has a Machine gun!
All blueprints unlocked by default with no workbenches