[AU/NZ] Warden 3x | Solo/Duo/Trio | 18/3

[AU/NZ] Warden 3x | Solo/Duo/Trio | 18/3
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Website https://wardenservers.com
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Welcome to Warden 3x SDT

Server is wiped weekly on Friday at 5pm AEST and 12pm on holidays.

Blueprints are wiped monthly or forced wipe.

Discord discord.gg/BMVDRwFZhB

About the server

Vanilla 3x Resource and gather rates.

2x Smelting and crafting speeds.

All teams are to be a maximum of 3 players Offline is included, no exceptions made.

Rules are to be followed, those who wish to argue or challenge these rules will be subject to a potential ban from the network. Staff interpretation and implementation of rules are subject to their own interpretation due to the nature of the game.