Rusty Boys | Thursday Wipes | Solo

Rusty Boys | Thursday Wipes | Solo
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This is a solo server! Enjoy The Server...Rules Below.

Rule 1: This server is solo/duo BUT if you choose to be duo your base can be offlined by other groups/players...HOWEVER if you are solo you are not able to be offlined.
Rule 2: No Doorcamping unless they live on the coast and they are coming from oil or some that situation you may stay in their area/ on that coast to try to re gain your lost loot or just to get some free goose
Rule 3: No Tc griefing or any other griefing
Rule 4: No cucking during a trade...IF someone is trading then YOU can "counter" someones trade but you cannot cuck a person YOUR trading with
Rule 5: (this isnt really a rule but its one of those things where if you do it your a dick and everyone will hate you) Don't camp a monument, and don't seal yourself into your base while being raided.