Apocalyptic Rust 5x

Apocalyptic Rust 5x
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Introducing our 5x Rust server - the ultimate gaming experience for all Rust fans! With a 5x gather rate, players can gather resources at a lightning-fast pace, allowing them to quickly build their bases, gather weapons, and gear up for intense PvP battles. On our server, players are free to team up, form alliances, and wage wars against each other. With a population of like-minded players, the battles for survival and dominance are more intense and exciting than ever before. We have implemented a series of plugins to enhance the gameplay and make the experience more enjoyable for all players. Some plugins include: -Teleportation -Improved loot tables -Increased stack sizes -Clans & friends list Quick-crafting We have a dedicated and experienced staff team who are always on hand to assist players and ensure that everyone is playing fairly. Our server has a zero-tolerance policy for cheating, hacking, and exploiting, ensuring that everyone can enjoy a fair and balanced gaming experience. Join us today and experience the thrill of Rust like never before!