Friendly Seattle: Chill, No KOS, Very Low Upkeep

Friendly Seattle: Chill, No KOS, Very Low Upkeep
Premium No (see benefits)
Rank #572  (points: 143)
Votes (all-time: 0)
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Status online
Players 24/115
Last Wipe 5 day(s) ago
Uptime 7 Days: 100%
30 Days: 100%
FPS 114  (average: 112.3)
Entities 243816
Country United States
Types BiweeklyNaModded
Last Check 53 second(s) ago

LAST WIPE: Thu 3/23 (Map+BPs) NEXT WIPE: Thu 4/6 (Map+BPs)
A chill server for new or relaxed players. If constant player raids and PvP is your focus, this isn't the place for you - toxic/aggressive behavior isn't tolerated. See Discord https://( for detailed rules/mods info, but here are the basics:
- Main mods/perks: Very low upkeep (25%). Increased stack sizes. Remover tool (buy hammer at Outpost's admin shop). Raidable (NPC) Bases. Active Admin.
- Main rules: No killing unless at: active raid, oil rigs, air drops, train tunnels, underwater labs, timed crates, and a few specific monuments (see map for icons). Raiding allowed but no foundation wipes.