BAKER'S CREW NoTechTree|Events|Murderers

BAKER'S CREW NoTechTree|Events|Murderers
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A Rust Experience with Quality of Life Improvements, Lots of PVE Events & More!

◈ Week 1: Timed Progression
◈ Week 2-3: Normal Rust Experience
◈ Week 4: A Battlefield Rust Experience

Play to Win! NOT Pay to Win! Purchasable VIP status using in game scrap!
Scrap is this server's currency! Use scrap to pay for the server's features like Raid Protection, Shop Items, NPCRaiders & VIP!

After the 21st day of wipe all players will spawn with a 'PVP Kit' /shop Will also include a Last Day's Category, with cheap Raid Supplies, Full Kits, Weapons, Ammo, Meds, Walls etc, giving you a battlefield like experience to go around kitted out to your hearts content!

➤ Chat Tag
➤ Extra Backpack Slots
➤ Use Workbench without standing by it
➤ Bypass the Connection Queue
➤ Bed's at Outpost & Bandit Camp
➤ 80% Faster Crafting
➤ Faster Smelting
➤ Faster Recycling
➤ VIP Shop Items & Discounts
➤ Manually change skin with /skin

Map & Blueprint wipe is on every first Thursday of the month. (Forced Wipe)
On wipe day the server is shutdown