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☢ We Have The Best Hardware & Private Plugins!
☢ Next Wipe 06 April 2023 at 20:30 UTC/GMT +2:00
☢ connect R.KILL.LV:10000 | connect
☢ One Rule! Do not use Cheats & Scripts or you will be Banned!
☢ Raid Notifications in RUST+ & Protection for Scrap 50!
☢ Respawn in Town, All Blueprints, Instant Craft, No Need Workbench!
☢ Teleports, Kits, Jet Pack, Drones, Cars, Copters, Turrets on them!
☢ Duels, Damage Display, Life Line, Crosshair, Privat Messages, Trades!
☢ Super Economy! Earn by Playing, Scrap can be Exchanged for K$C or ₽!
☢ You get KILL $ CASH for Kills, Farming, Looting and Resource Extraction!
☢ More Rates, Stacks, AutoDoors, Quick Smelt, AutoSort, VoteDay, Farming!
☢ More Loot & NPCs Drop Guns, Free RT, No Need Cards! Kill Strongest NPCs!
☢ More NPCs Events, Road Police, Armored Train, Airfield Chinook and others!
☢ Interesting Server, Come In, Watch and Enjoy a Pleasant Game © KILL.LV