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Rust wipes explained

27th of March 2023

What Are Rust Wipes?

Rust Wipes are an integral part of playing Rust, but what exactly are they? Simply put, Rust Wipes are when the servers are wiped clean of all player progress and data, forcing everyone to restart from scratch. This can happen for a variety of reasons, such as a new update or patch being released, or simply as part of the server's regular maintenance schedule. 

But why do Rust Wipes exist? They serve a few purposes, the primary one being to level the playing field for all players. When the server is wiped, everyone has to start from the same point, with no one having an unfair advantage because of their progress or resources. Additionally, Rust Wipes can help keep the game fresh and exciting by preventing players from becoming too powerful and dominant for too long.

But how do Rust Wipes work? Well, the process is relatively straightforward. The server administrator will stop the server, clear out all data and backups, and then restart the server fresh. This includes wiping all player data, structures, and resources. It's like hitting the reset button on the game, giving every player an equal chance to start over and rebuild. 

Now that we understand what Rust Wipes are, let's dive into how they work and what you need to know to survive them.

Not all Rust wipes are created equal

Part of the Rust progressions system are blueprints, blueprints are used to learn how to craft certain items. Working through the tech trees and learning all the blueprints is a time consuming endeavour. Not every wipe is a blueprint wipe, so be aware that blueprint knowledge can survive a wipe. So keep an eye out for the term "blueprint wipe" if you want to make sure all players will start on equal footing.

Why Are Rust Wipes So Effective?

Surviving a Rust Wipe requires a lot of effort and strategy. Players need to be aware of server schedules to prepare themselves for the imminent wipe-out. However, you might be questioning, why are Rust Wipes so effective? The answer is simple - Rust is a game that rewards dedication and hard work. Starting from scratch each wipe cultivates a sense of urgency and purpose, forcing players to be creative with their strategies and game-play. Rust Wipes provide a fresh start for all players, an opportunity to challenge themselves and each other in a constantly evolving environment. With each wipe, players start from the same level, giving everyone a fair chance to compete and rise to the top. This is the reason why Rust Wipes are so popular and effective - it keeps players engaged and invested in the game, continually pushing them to improve and evolve their skills. 

When Do Rust Wipes Happen?

Rust wipes typically happen on a schedule set by the server owner or game developers. The typical frequency of wipes varies from weekly to monthly, depending on the server and its population. When a wipe is scheduled, players are given ample notice to prepare themselves for the upcoming reset. This includes gathering resources, building a base, and securing loot. 

While some players might find the frequent resets frustrating, others enjoy the challenge of starting from scratch and developing new strategies each wipe. It's essential to keep in mind that Rust is a game that rewards dedication and hard work, and each wipe provides an opportunity for players to learn and grow in their gameplay.

With the knowledge that Rust Wipes happen on a set schedule, players can plan their strategy accordingly. Knowing when Rust Wipes happen is just one aspect of surviving them. In the next section, we'll provide some tips to help players navigate and thrive in the ever-changing Rust environment.

Tips on how to survive a Rust wipe cycle

Tip 1: be early, if you are amongst the first players to join a freshly wiped server your chances of being able to build your base in a good location is a lot higher. You will also be able to better keep up with the progression of all other players.

Tip 2: Work together with others, seeking strength in numbers is the easiest way to increase you chances of survival.

Tip 3: Choose solo/duo/trio servers if you find that surviving regular servers is too hard.

Tip 4: Choose modded servers with a higher gather rate if you are short on time.

Tip 5: If you have picked a server that you like to join once the server is wiped, it might be smart to join that server a day before it wipes to collect some additional blueprints. The day before a server wipes the server population is low and you will be able to find a lot of decayed bases with loot that you can use to research. Whenever you do this though, make sure the upcoming wiped is not a "blueprint wipe", as that would make collecting blueprints in advance pointless.

Tip 6: Remember that Rust is harsh. Everything in Rust wants you to die, this means losses and setbacks are inevitable. Knowing that this is part of the game will help you endure those though moments and maybe even help you eventually end up on top.