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Rust deep sea update image

Rust forced wipe, quick game update trick

19th of July 2023

Forced wipes are the most hyped event in Rust, new gameplay elements are added and all player progression on all servers is erased. Players can make a fresh start on an equal playing field with new things added to the game to explore. They happen every first thursday of the month.

If you are familiar with Rust, you know that the server join queues around forced wipes can get very large on the popular servers. This means that if you are not quick, you will most likely be queueing up for a couple of hours before you are able to join your favorite Rust server.

There are two ways to dodge this dreaded queue, the obvious one is buying the 'skip queue' product that most servers offer. Which of course is the most efficient option and it supports your favorite server at the same time. But if you do not want to spend money, there is another option. A cool trick that makes sure you are able to receive the Rust game update on Steam before most people.

The process is simple. First we need to know when Facepunch is dropping their client update, we can keep track of this by checking their Twitter account. Most of the time they will tweet out the time they expect their update to be released a few days prior to the forced wipe date. On the day itself they will also let everybody know when the client update is out, see the images below as an example of these tweets.

Playrust client update confirmation Twitter post

Rust expected client update time Twitter post

Make sure you are ready when the update is expected to be released, once Facepunch tweets out that the client update is available you can be one of the first to download and install the new update using the following trick: open Steam -> go to your game library -> right click on Rust -> go to properties -> click on the installed files tab -> click the button that checks the integrity of the game files. Steam will notice that there is a new Rust update available and it will go ahead and install it.

If you don't do this, Steam can be a bit slow with recognising that Rust has a new update. So going through this process you will have a headstart and you will probably be one of the first to be able to start playing again.

P.S. make sure to only share this information with your closest survival buddies, we of course cannot have to many people knowing about this trick. 🤫